Damaged hair? Fret not!

Our hair is made up of 95% protein
Since our hair is made up of 95% protein, to fix damaged hair, it is a must to replenish PROTEIN!


Discover today our natural remedy for Healthy Scalp & Hair, delicately formulated with -

🌿 Wheat Protein - repairing & hair strengthening

🌿 Jojoba Seed Oil - for hydration & promote hair growth

🌿 Orange Peel Extracts - soothing and calming scalp problems

🌿 Extra Virgin Olive Oil - antioxidants for scalp & nourishing for hair

Other Tips for Healthy Hair

✅ Use hair care products with protein rich ingredients.

✅ Don't rub wet hair excessively with a towel.

✅ Don't brush wet hair with regular brush.

✅ Wash hair only with lukewarm water, avoid hot water!

✅ Don't wash your hair more than you have to.